Antique Pond Yacht 

The Eclipse is a large scale antique pond yacht from circa 1900.

She arrived in total disarray, see her actual restoration while it was in progress complete with narrative descriptive by clicking the link below.

Restoration Demonstration

Restoration Demonstration

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A unique automatic pilot design with brass cabling and pulleys was recreated for authenticity. Also known as a "Brain Gear" this device delivered compensating rudder for the yacht to sail true. This was before remote control models were available.

The deck was hand planked with a combination of hardwoods to create the color contrasts between the individual boards and for accenting details. All deck cabins and wooden hardware were scratch built.

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A new bowsprit was constructed with all new block and tackle, brass chains and hardware.

The hull was repaired and painted with a high gloss deep midnight blue bottom.

Brass port holes with windows, brass mast supports and railing posts add to all the wonderful detail work.

The realism of the model is directly related to the quality of the detail work.

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All the sails are custom made from cotton sail cloth. They are then hand stitched to each mast, boom, gaff, block and tackle etc. just as in a real sailing vessel.

The flying jib was an unusual addition to increase speed. We left this one partially folded down for drama.

There was no shortage of rigging on this vessel. This view allows for better detail to be seen of the rigging work prior to the sails being installed.

All rat lines are hand tied onto all lines. All deadeyes and block and tackle are hand laced and each one is lashed and tied.

Various colors of rigging lines are used for the different types of rigging. All the lines are waxed cotton for long life without fraying.

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Brass turn buckles that actually turn help to ensure that we achieve precise tension on the rigging lines.

Brass navigational lights and belaying pin supports add to the beauty.

Brass ornamentation was added to the stern and bowsprit.

The base of the model is supported with a solid red oak keel support which is screwed through the ship's hull into the base of the cabinet.

A brass name plate is placed onto red oak, then pinned into place within the case.

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The stand alone case is made of red oak, a lovely complement to the midnight blue hull. The front panel of plexiglass is removable for servicing of the model. The arched treatments on the top and sides add to the viewing pleasure.

All wood is sanded to a fine, soft as silk, finish and sealed in numerous coats of top quality sealer and oil. It is hand rubbed between each coat until a it will hold no more oil and we have achieved a lustrous fine finish.

The ship is perfectly illuminated with a custom lighting treatment from above. Two four foot bright sunlight fluorescent bulbs shine through two lovely white stained glass panels with an iridescent mica outside finish.

We utilized a very unique method for permanently securing this model in place with a custom made block and tackle assembly attached to the base of the case.

This image shows her placed into her permanent location gracing the center mezzanine just outside the grand ballroom of The Carolands Mansion located in Northern California.

Eclipse in Custom Case

Approximate Size

Ship Model: 72" long x 12" deep x 78" tall

In Case: 78" long x 24" deep x 114" tall

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