Copper Iris Floor Fountain

The Simple Elegance of water flowing across natural elements such as this beautiful copper and driftwood.

An exquisite six tier copper water fountain custom designed for outdoor garden placement on the ground.

The water flow is perfectly balanced between each of the colorful copper pooling leaves and reservoir to bring forth the harmonious sights and sounds of nature.

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Vines filled with vestige leaves twist and turn around natural driftwood. This piece has three separate elements of driftwood all combined together to create one synchronized wooden structure.

The driftwood has been sanded smooth to bring out the wonderful turning grains and color variations within the wood. We then seal it all with fine oils for a protected finish.

We find our driftwood washed up onto ocean beaches and in the remnants of clear cut forests from the last remaining Rain Forest in North America.

Each petal and the copper reservoir are all hand hammered with a dramatically unique three dimensional texture. Each one different from the rest.

The entrance of water into the fountain is calmed by the placement of another leaf over the top. This creates a pooling of the water and a gentle, unrushed water flow from the top of the fountain.

All the copper elements are hand cut and hand hammered with each vine, petal, leaf, stem and accent separately brazed into place one at a time.

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Various heat concentrations create amber, gold, blue, pink and purple tones on the natural copper.

Custom patina applications are applied to create the vast color blue, green and gold differences in the vines, leaves and accents. All of these colors will continue to evolve and change with time. A work of art forever painting itself.

 Great time and consideration is taken in creating different water flow sounds from each water petal. As in an orchestra, each piece playing its part to create a lovely melody together.

This fountain is accented with two copper iris, a favorite flower of the commissioning patron. Both hammered and heat treated for great three dimensional depth of presence.

The bright colorful foliage surrounding the iris adds growing life to the side of the fountain devoid of water.

This brings the piece together in a flawless symmetry.

Flowers are mounted separately for ease of movement and shipping considerations.

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A three gallon water reservoir was designed for simple immersion under the ground at the base of the fountain. Holding the pump within and attached with brass fittings and poly tubing for ease of installation.

Copper fountains are beautiful in their color tones and will not grow algae.

Bring the natural calming effects of nature into any area of your home with a unique combination of water, fire, metal and wood.

A custom copper water fountain with wood from the Olympic Mountain Rain Forest created by Raven Arts.

Each work of art is uniquely original with the design being defined by the symmetry of the driftwood.

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40" tall x 30" wide x 24" deep

We offer a variety of styles such as this stand alone floor version, wall hanging and table top fountains, interior and exterior.

Custom orders only.

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One-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor custom copper water fountain creations such as this our Simple Elegance shown here. Utilizing natural copper married with Pacific Northwest Olympic Mountain Rain Forest driftwood. Our copper techniques were learned from the Masters in charge of the Statue of Liberty restoration.

Relaxing copper water fountains with heart and soul. Each one custom designed and built by hand, made in the USA.


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