Bluebird Family Dinner Wind Toy Whirligig 

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This adorable blue bird family is about to share a meal.

One propeller spins and the mother bird, with a worm in her mouth, moves up and down to feed her babies.

The other propeller spins and moves the cute little baby chicks back and forth within the nest, reaching for the worm.

This piece has exquisite detail with great three dimensional depth throughout the work. Notice all the color variations within the branches and nest.

Accented with leaves both with shadows and highlights to bring them to life. The birds contain numerous colors for depth of the feathers. This is a true work of art for the garden.

With propellers fully extended:

16" tall x 24" long x 11" deep

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See the Whirlies gallery page for specific information on the top quality materials used, general information and mounting post options. 


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A mounting pin is included with every purchase. Also see our copper mounting post options which are available through the pricing link below.

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