Flying Cloud

The "Flying Cloud" was built in Newburyport, Massachusetts in 1851. She is best known for her sailing voyage from New York to San Francisco in 89 days and 8 hours.

A record that still stands today!

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During the California Gold Rush competition for trade was fierce. Prices for goods reached an all time high, eggs were selling for $1 each and a sack of flour would cost $100 or more. Great clipper ships, known as California Clippers, were built for speed.

The hull, deck and cabins on this beauty shown were originally hand carved by the late Loren Williams. His heirs commissioned us to restore his work and take her to completion for permanent formal placement on their family yacht.

This is just one example of the many Flying Cloud Clipper Ships we have restored or built from scratch through the years.
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The hull is hand sheathed in natural copper plating with each plate individually placed one at a time.

The natural contrasts in the copper add great depth and incredible drama to the graceful lines of this lovely clipper's hull.

Painted portions of black, gray and white combined with natural woods such as Sugar Pine, Walnut and Oak create lovely color contrasts.

We utilize fine quality Brittania metal cast fittings.
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Executed by a Master Builder with precise attention to detail and quality control.

Dry rigged for maximum detailed view of intricacy and quality of rigging workmanship.

No line is left undone. She has complete rigging including all her flying rigging. Each ratline is tied all the way across, not just glued in place. All deadeyes, deck rings, block and tackle are tied and lashed.

Even the masts are embellished with copper banding.

The bowsprit has a great golden masthead with brass chains and anchor lines. It is also fully rigged.

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A custom case was built to prevent harm and ensure lasting beauty while she rides along the waters of the world in her new home.

The case is made of Cherry with solid Padouk utilized for the keel support and edge accents.

The color tones of the exotic wood, Padouk, really brings out the beauty of the copper hull.

The vertical stiles and nameplate have a solid Cherry center with Padouk edging.

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This is a very different look as compared to using a single wood for the stiles. It adds much more contrast.

The ship is mounted on solid brass pedestals with an engraved brass nameplate and stiles all secured to the base.

All woods both on the ship herself and the case are hand rubbed with numerous coats of sealer and fine natural oils for a radiant finish.

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The enclosure is made of a clear, durable, shatter resistant acrylic called Optix.

Ideal illumination comes from above utilizing a low voltage halogen light with a 110 volt on/off switch cord.

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Ship: 37" long x 12" deep x 24" tall Case: 46" long x 17" deep x 30" tall
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