Golf Garden Art

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Playing golf is taken to a new art form in this delightful whirligig garden ornament.

It's a perfect day for a round of golf as three friends are just finishing up on the 18th hole of their favorite course.

The back spinning propeller is made of a combination of golf clubs. Its spinning propulsion moves the flag up and down in the 18th hole of the game.

Our flagger looks quite happy to have arrived at the 18th hole with the Clubhouse not far from view. The flag pole is made of brass as are all clubs and hardware mechanisms hidden below the green course.

As a custom order, you can even choose to have your favorite course's name added to the green.

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Multicolored shrubs adorn the golf course of bright green with a tall palm tree gracefully spinning in the wind, coconuts potentially ready to drop on an unsuspecting passerby.

The Caddy moves his selected wooden club up and down from the golf bag set up on brass legs. Extra golf balls wait the next player. While the Caddy enjoys the tree's shade, an interesting shadow play is created as the palm leaves turn in the wind above.

The putter appears certain to make his last shot as he gently attempts to tap the ball into that final 18th hole.

A great time of playing golf has been had by all. Each player can be customized with hair and eyes to match your favorite golfing companions, including if they're women.

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See the Whirlies Gallery page for specific information on the top quality materials used and general information.

A mounting pin is included with every purchase. Also see our copper mounting post options which are available through the pricing link below.

With clubs fully extended:

22" tall x 24" long x 16" deep

Collectable art ideal for any Golfer or golf enthusiast.


plus shipping and handling

Personalize to look like YOUR favoriate three Golfers for only $50 additional. 

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The best made whirligigs, whirlygigs and wind toys anywhere around. Custom designs are our specialty. Creative designs like this round of golf being played at the 18th hole of a favorite course among three friends. Garden art made to last.

Each one is hand made in the USA by American Artists.

Raven Arts, where originality and quality make the difference between craft and Art.

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