Honey Bear

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A big black bear finds gold in this great whirligig design! A honeycomb is securely held in his hand while bumble bees buzz around his head. The bee on the bee hive has beautiful brass wings and is none too happy about this bear's lunch plans for his honeycomb.

Surrounded by four bumble bees with brass antenna which are mounted on spring steel so they sway in the wind. All their wings spin around in the slightest breeze.

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Designed to sit atop a fence post or railing, to be permanently screwed into place.

Approximate Size: 24" tall x 13" wide x 11" deep

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$395  plus shipping and handling

These two playful bears really enjoy each other's company and they look great together!

Create a real eye catcher by putting both of these cute black bears side by side. All the buzzing bumble bees are certain to create conversation.

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