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The Ship Model Masters of Raven Arts, located west of Seattle Washington, are experts at building the ideal display case for any custom work of art. Dollar for dollar, we build simply the finest custom display cases available.

Professionally designed and executed by Master Craftsman and Artists with more than 35 years individual experience. Each case becomes a work of art on its own, crafted by skilled hands in the USA.

We are experts at designing just the right case to most beautifully bring attention to the precious art held within without detracting from it. Display cases are designed to match both the art and the room where it will be placed. Easy access, low heat lighting, hidden electrical switches, table top or freestanding, sliding shelves, storage and more. Whatever you need, we can include it in your custom case to make that perfect display.

We use only the finest materials available. Rich full grain exotic woods from around the world with each piece hand selected for uniqueness of character. Offering a vast array of exotic woods from which to choose which creates a wonderful uniquity within the display. Looking for something really unique, just ask us. We usually keep a few VERY RARE choices on hand that are not included on our web site due to the extreme limited availability of these exotic woods.

Traditional time tested construction practices are integrated with the latest technologies in chemical fastening, hardware, finishes, illumination and more. We offer three finishes, custom stains and exotic wood combinations. Our clear acrylic is thicker and stronger than normally found to ensure protection of the art held within. Many readily available cases, especially the larger ones, are made with woods, vertical stiles and acrylic that are not sufficient for the size.

Raven Display Cases are made like fine furniture, to last a lifetime and longer. Strong sides, soft routered edges, super fine sanding, high quality finishes, hidden electrical and easy assembly all make our cases superior.

We ship worldwide, our client list includes government officials, politicians, Naval Commanders, Heads of State, celebrities and professionals of all kinds.

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