Custom Made Garden Fountains

Copper techniques utilized at Raven Arts were learned from the Masters in charge of the Statue of Liberty Restoration. We then incorporated our own techniques with new ideas discovered from the experience of experimentation.

Professionally designed and executed by Metalsmith Artists with more than 30 years individual experience. Each work of art is crafted by skilled hands in the USA.

We work primarily in copper as we enjoy the diversity of this beautiful metal. It is the only medium that will continue to paint itself throughout its lifetime; ever evolving, changing and growing in depth. The type of copper we use is completely safe for all fish and will not allow algae to grow in contained fountains.

Intricate and thinner elements are cut by hand and brazing techniques are used to secure them together. We use a plasma cutter for thicker pieces with precise TIG welded seams. We incorporate sand blasting accents and can even powder coat to create a hard protective surface on the copper preventing the naturally continuing copper coloration from occurring.

Our custom patination process involves the introduction of various heat concentrations. Numerous applications of various amalgams are hand painted with a variety of applicators to create the vast color differences within the patina. We also custom paint by hand many of the intricate details on our floral sculpture elements. No two are ever alike for these reasons.

Wooden bases, drift woods, fine exotic woods and more are utilized as needed. Each piece individually selected of uniqueness of character.

We are experts at designing just the right piece to most beautifully bring attention to any area of the home, office or garden. Designed to compliment the area where it will be placed to create that perfect display of fine art. To not only visually entice but for relaxation the perfect balance of falling water to create a beautifully soft melody.

We ship worldwide, our client list includes government officials, politicians, Heads of State, celebrities and professionals of all kinds.

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