Custom Whirligigs and Wind Toys

The Art of Movement

Professionally designed and executed kinetic garden art whirligigs and wind toys. A physics genius combines forces with professional Artists to create some of the most fascinating garden art that comes to life with a gentle hint of wind. Each work of art is crafted by skilled hands in the USA.

Experts at design, most of our creations come from customer ideas. Custom designs are our specialty. We can model after your favorite pet or relative making a unique work of art sure to bring a smile to the face of all who see it.

All of our Whirlies are hand cut from lightweight, strong marine grade woods then hand painted with the finest quality primer and enamel sign paint to ensure years and years of long lasting brilliant colors without fading. Each one is perfectly balanced to ensure it flies with the gentlest of breezes. Solid brass and zinc hardware is utilized to prevent rusting.

A mounting pin is included with every Whirlie. Permanent copper mounting posts where the pin is actually brazed to the post are available in a variety of sizes as well as both natural and blue-green patina copper.

We ship worldwide, our client list includes government officials, politicians, Heads of State, celebrities and professionals of all kinds.
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