This is two whirligigs in one!

In front a spinning whirlie of a scuba diver on the run from the the large jaws for the Great White Shark that's about to eat him up!

The diver's arms spin around with the slightest of breezes while he attempts to outswim his predator with all his gear including yellow air tanks with copper lines.

The black tipped tail fins of the shark are the propeller blades which spin around in the wind and make the the diver's legs move up and down so he looks as though he's frantically swimming. This action also makes the waves move and the jaws of the shark bite up and down trying to catch the driver for lunch!

A very animated whirligig with lots of expression! Also available with woman swimming in bikini.


With fan blades fully extended:

11" tall x 28" long x 11" deep


plus shipping and handling

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