Out of the darkness shines a pleasant amber light from atop this one-of-a-kind hexagonal lighthouse. Soft illumination within from a center run rope of light that peers through the green and amber confetti stained glass window panes and door.

The windows are softly rounded with green window sills. They travel upward and around in a circular pattern as if to follow a spiral staircase hidden within. The door is complete with a divided window, door knob and matching green trim.

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The top light includes an inside glass bulb cover to create dramatic light patterns.

The outside glass is lightly seeded for additional character with a brass knob on top.

Circled in a solid copper railing with custom blue-green patina process applied.

A hand painted sign identifies the "Cowen's Point Lighthouse" in a lovely matching green reminiscent of the color of the sea. A custom sign can be painted to replace this sign with the purchaser's name and/or address identification.
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Wired with a simple plug in cord that can removed for direct line voltage wiring into existing landscaping or deck lighting. Includes furniture feet on the bottom for ease of movement. Bottom square base is made to be submersed underground or direct screw mount into wood decking for additional stability in high winds.

A uniquely beautiful work of art for any entry, garden or corner of the yard.

Approximate Size:

Lighthouse: 6' tall x 17" wide x 14" deep Mounting Bottom: 21" wide x 16" deep Removable Sign Extends: 27"

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