Ohio Class Submarine Whirligig Wind Toys 

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Ohio Class Ballistic Nuclear Submarines are custom made as garden art Whirligig Wind Toys. S

hown here as the USS Alabama (SSBN 731) with all 24 hatches closed and scopes raised.

Available with the hull number and name of YOUR choice.

Propeller spins with a gentle breeze.

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A great gift for any submariner!


With fan blades fully extended:

12" tall x 19" long x 12" deep


plus shipping and handling

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See the Whirlies gallery page for specific information on the top quality materials used, general information and optional mounting posts. 

Custom designs, like this Ohio Class submarine the USS Alabama SSBN 731, are our specialty. The best made whirligigs, whirlygigs and wind toys anywhere around. Garden art hand made to last in the USA by American Artists.

Raven Arts since 1989

Where originality and quality make the difference between craft and Art.

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