Orchid Falls Copper Water Fountain

The tranquilty of water falling down this eight tier copper fountain will ease your mind and calm you spirit.

Designed for wall mount either indoors or out.

The water flow is perfectly balanced between each of the pooling leaves and the copper reservoir.

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A lovely hand painted Vanda Orchid grows out from the center winding its way down the sculpture.

Leaves twist and turn around natural driftwood which has been sanded smooth to bring out the wonderful turning grains within the wood. All sealed with fine oils for a protected finish.

We find our driftwood washed up onto ocean beaches and in the reminents of clear cut forests from the last remaining Rain Forest in North America.

The petals and copper reservoir are hand hammered with a dramatic three dimensional texture.

All copper is hand cut and hand hammered with each piece separately brazed into place one at a time.

Various heat concentrations and custom patina applications are applied to create the vast color differences which will continue to evolve and change with time.

Great time and consideration is taken in creating a different water flow sound from each water petal. As in an orchastra, each peice playing its part to create a beautiful melody.
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Copper fountains are beautiful in their color tones and will not grow algae.

Bring the natural calming effects of nature into any area of your home with a unique combination of water, fire, metal and wood.

A custom copper water fountain with a wood from the Olympic Mountain Rain Forest from Raven Arts.

Each work of art is uniquely original, defined by the symetry of the driftwood.

40" long x 24" wide x 10" deep

We offer a variety of styles such as this wall version, stand alone and tabletop fountains.

Custom orders only.

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One-of-a-kind custom copper water fountain creations. Utilizing Pacific Northwest Olympic Mountain Rain Forest driftwoods. Our copper techniques were learned from the Masters in charge of the Statue of Liberty restoration. Each one is custom built by hand, made in the USA.


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