Owls in Sculpture

A freestanding, life-size sculpture made entirely of copper and secured onto a solid redwood burl base.

This majestic owl is perched quietly surveying his territory, on a Night Watch. Claws firmly planted into the redwood branch upon which he sits.

A lovely cattail with reeds made of copper springs to life from the heart of this stunning burl.

The redwood burl base was carefully selected for its special qualities of color and form. The branch is sanded smooth while the burl contains much contrasting texture.

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All wood is sealed in numerous coats of natural finish to enhance the stunning differences in color tones.

Each individual feather, and there are more than 1,000 of them, is hand cut and separately brazed into place one at a time. With feathers of such small scale, this is an extremely difficult process and time consuming process.

The copper owl and cattail are heat treated for dramatic natural copper color variations.

The contrasting reeds and leaves are finished in a hand painted custom patina to create the multiple blue green color tones. These colors will continue to evolve and change with time.

Copper is the only medium which allows the art to continue painting itself over time.

A spectacular presentation for any nature lover.


 24" tall x 10" diameter

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Sculpture and garden art taken to a new level of expertise.

Life size copper wildlife sculptures, like this Brown Owl perched on a redwood burl, are created using copper techniques learned from the Masters in charge of the Statue of Liberty restoration.

Each one custom built by hand, made in the USA.



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