An statuesque, freestanding, life-size Great Blue Heron is poised with his wings tucked by his side and his head fully outstretched surveying his territory. A commissioned work for L.H. Dick Robertson and family of Malakoff, Texas. He now keeps watch over the waters of the Gulf Coast.

In excess of 1,500 individual copper feathers are hand cut and separately brazed into place one at a time. The inside skeleton is made of hand hammered copper which is then sheathed in sheet copper to represent skin for securing the feathers, just like a real bird.

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Various heat concentrations combined with a custom hand painted patina process create the infinite color variations within the sculpture. These colors will continue to evolve and change with time. Art which continues to paint itself becoming ever deeper and richer in color tones.

His copper legs are reinforced with solid rebar for maximum strength and stability. These legs extend 6" past both of his feet so they can be mounted directly into the earth or concrete. A variety of mounting options are available.

This is a remarkably unique, one-of-a-kind, lifelike sculpture ideal for interior or exterior placement.

Taking garden art to a new level of elegance.

48" tall x 30" wide x 9" deep

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Life size copper wildlife sculptures, like this solitary Great Blue Heron standing watch, are created using copper techniques learned from the Masters in charge of the Statue of Liberty restoration.

Each one is custom built by hand, made in the USA.

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