An Armed Schooner the Sultana was built in Boston, Massachusetts and was one of the earliest examples of schooner building in North America. She was purchased by the Royal Navy in 1768 and was the smallest schooner ever to be registered on their lists.

She spent her first four years carrying 8 guns, 12 swivels and 25 men to patrol the East Coast of North America as a dispatch boat and revenue cruiser. She is one of the most thoroughly documented vessels from the early Revolutionary period.

This Sultana ship model carries and amazing amount of detail work normally found only on a larger scale model due to the difficulty of execution in this scale.

This solid wood hull scale model is painted in natural earth tones with vibrant red deck accents, the color scheme of the original ship.

Complete with 6 swivels and 2 cannon, natural wood planked decking and brass accents all adorn this realistic beauty.

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This Sultana ship model is dry rigged for maximum exposure to the detailed rigging workmanship. She is complete with all standing and running rigging to block and tackle.

Also available under full or partial sail.

Mounted on a stained wood base with brass pedestals. A custom case is available and always considered an excellent addition to ensure the long lasting beauty of a quality investment model such as this. 

A lovely addition to any maritime collection.

17" long x 7" deep x 15" tall

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