The power of a great Thunderbird commands attention in this abstract sculpture made entirely of a very substantial 1/8" thick copper.

A custom commissioned three dimensional representation of the Thunderbird Mascot of Thornwood High School, South Holland, Illinois. Dedicated in special memory to a member of their class of 2004, Daniel Koehler.

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The Thunderbird is found throughout Native American legend from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Northwest. The vulture like birds are commonly known as Condors and can have wingspans of more than 20 feet.

Often known as a benevolent spirit, a friend to humans and a source of great wisdom. Known to protect individuals and tribes from evil spirits.

The eyes of the Thunderbird are said to flash with fire, his glance engendered lightning and the flapping of his wings produced thunder.

Our Thunderbird's head, protruding chest, back, wing edges and outside tail feathers are all polished copper with light accents of swirling textures. Bright and shiny in the sunlight, glowing by the moonlight.

The sand blasted wing, tail and base accents create great line definition as well as contrasting textures, color and finish.

The sand blasted areas are rougher, more reddish toned in color with a matt finish containing bright sparkles of copper that catch the sunlight and draw the eye.

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The back design is distinctly different from the front with feather detail cut into the copper. The bottom has a cute little flip up for additional three dimensional depth. The back bends less dramatically away from the body than does the front.

30 years of MIG torch experience creates uncompromised strength and durability of the sculpture. Copper welds are cleverly hidden from view so as not to distract from the beauty of the art itself. All welds are done in matching copper rod. Bottom base has four pre-drilled holes for permanent mounting.

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Dedication plaque engraved in exterior ceramic.

Entire exterior has been clear powder coated to add exceptional reliance to everything and to maintain the color, preventing the natural patina process from occurring.

32" tall x 28" wide x 9" deep

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Copper sculptures like this abstract Thunderbird are created using copper techniques learned from the Masters in charge of the Statue of Liberty restoration combined with modern technologies. Each one is custom built by hand, made in the USA.

Raven Arts offers custom sculptural designs to meet any need indoors or outside.


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