USS Missouri BB-63 Battleship 

These outstanding investment museum quality scale models of the USS Missouri Battleship, are a true beauties. Affectionately referred to as "Mighty MO", she will forever be remembered for it was on her deck that the surrender ceremonies took place ending the Second World War.

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Commissioned in 1944, the U.S.S. Missouri was the third Iowa Class Battleship constructed. Known as the largest and most powerful ships ever utilized by the US Navy, only four were constructed which took part in the war. Her length gave her increased speed with a graceful clipper bow, flat deck and tower type superstructure. She was a design masterpiece for the Defense Department.

Mighty MO was mighty indeed. She traveled for combat carrying 10 twin 5" turrets for anti-aircraft defense and small targets, 20 quadruple 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns and 49 single 20mm anti-aircraft guns.
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In addition she carried four float planes which were launched from the powder catapults located on the stern. Power did not elude her either, she was packed with eight oil fired boilers in four fire rooms with a total of 212,000 shaft horsepower. This gave her a flank speed of 33 knots and a cruising radius of 15,900 n.m. at 17 knots.

Our models are not like any others you've seen before.

Our experience and artistic expertise give a depth of realism that is unparalleled. Many adjustments are made to capture a more realistic model by interpreting light and shadow with paint. The result is a much more interesting model to view from both a distance and up close under magnification.

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As is suiting of a ship with such national historical significance, our realistic "USS Missouri" ship models are not to be compared with the machine made Franklin Mint imports from China versions.

We build each one by hand in the USA using only professional grade materials.

Each model is enhanced with many embellishments including airbrushing, fine detail painting and intricate etched brass work.

We offer lots of larger images of our models as there's a tremendous amount of fine detail work we want you to see up close.

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The airbrushed camouflage paint on this hull is for accurate representation of the original. She was painted this way to make her more difficult to be seen by both enemy submarines and aircraft. Notice all the intricate detail painting work on the deck, machinery and hardware.

Our End of WWII version has the decks finished in teak as she was once she left Tokyo Bay after the Surrender Ceremonies. Our decks are painted to look like teak with numerous colors to represent shadows and the natural tonal differences in wood.

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Mounted on a custom base, this particular one is made of a beautiful solid exotic wood called African Zebrawood. We use a variety of different woods for our bases which are sealed and finished in numerous coats of natural hand rubbed fine oils. This creates a radiant luster in the wood which better highlights the model.

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Loaded with brass enhancements to create that incredible look and depth of realism. Ladders, railings, rigging lines, windows, doors, stairs, radar dishes, stern crane and much more have all been enhanced with greatly detailed brass work. The intricacy involved in this type of detail work is immense.

Includes brass name plate and clear acrylic dust cover. This base is made of a rich exotic wood called Bubinga.

Perfectly suited for home or office placement.

An ideal purchase for any WWII or maritime model enthusiast.

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Here at Raven Arts it's all about choices.

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We specialize in custom building to suit your budget and detail requests.

We allow you to commission exactly the model you desire. A unique one-of-a-kind work of art made to your specifications.


1/350th scale: 33" long x 7" deep x 10" tall

1/200th scale: 67" long x 14" deep x 16" tall

All sizes are approximate, larger size available upon special request.


Battleship Blue Version is our standard model which has all decks painted battleship blue with a Measure 32/22D camouflage paint scheme for the hull.

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End of WWII Version has the main decks painted with numerous colors to represent a natural teak deck as she was shortly following the surrender ceremonies. The hull is painted in what is referred to as Measure 22, a dark blue and gray paint scheme.

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and detail enhancement options.

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Iowa Class Battleship investment and museum quality ship models, such as this one of a WWII USS Missouri Battleship BB-63. USS Iowa, USS New Jersey and USS Wisconsin versions also available. Each one is custom built by professional Master Modelers with more than 35 years individual experience. Each one is a unique custom work of art built by American hands, made in the USA.


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