USS Missorui


Our enhanced investment museum quality models include either solid gray or an accurately airbrushed camouflage paint scheme on both sides of the hull with all decks painted battleship blue or simulated Teak.

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Additional details can be placed throughout the model.

One example is the black end covers with stars on the 16" Bofor Rifles for the End of WWII version.

We've added extensive brass and paint detailing embellishments to all of our models. Brass radars, railings, oerlikon shields, brass ladders, stairs, propeller shafts and more.

We include two fully decaled Curtiss Seahawk airplanes with yellow tipped brass propellers which are placed onto brass catapults on the deck.

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Windows are cut through, covered inside with cellophane and trimmed in brass.

Each model includes a custom red oak case with clear acrylic dust cover and wood mounted brass nameplate which can be personalized. This ensures her protected lasting beauty and investment for years to come.

We use up to 25 different shades of gray for effective depth of lighting to emphasize many of the highlights on the model. Extensive intricate details are hand painted and airbrushed onto the model which help make this a one and only Raven Model.

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A far superior, beautifully embellished work of fine art.

Brass Guns Upgrade

Includes solid brass gun barrel replacements of all the 5" High Angle guns as well as the barrels on the 16" rifles.

More brass detailing is included on all the guns. The high angle guns have more painting detail and brass.

The Oerlikons have added brass sights and shoulder harness.

This is an example of 1/350th scale, yes, that is a dime. The larger the gun the more the detail.

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All the Bofors have added brass gates and sights as well as more shades of gray for detail enhancement.

Aircraft Upgrade Option

The cockpit is painted inside and then embellished with clear acrylic cockpit glass cover for an exceptionally realistic appearance.

A uniquely Raven design on this small 1/350th scale plane.

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Upgrade includes two enhanced sleek solid resin Curtiss Seahawk airplanes with brass details, high gain antenna, red pontoon stripe, yellow propeller tips and decals.

USS Missouri carried up to four planes at one time on deck. We can also display them in flight aft of the model.

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Case Wooden Base Options

Included is a standard Red Oak base sealed in natural fine oils. You may choose to upgrade to a single solid exotic hardwood or any combination of woods with a variety of finishes available.

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Hardwood Choices

For Exotic Wood Choices

Shown here made of Red Oak with Zebrawood trim.

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USS Missouri investment and museum quality ship models, such as this of a WWII Iowa Class Battleship BB-63, are custom built by professional Master Model Builders with more than 35 years experience. Each one is a unique custom work of art built by American hands in the USA.